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A Few Highlights of Lou Renner's over 35 years of climbing & guiding:
Eiger - North Wall - 4 different routes
Eiger N. SOLO - Lauper route - 5 hour solo ascent 1987
Eiger, Monch, & Jungfrau - 3 north walls in a 45 hour push
Swiss Matterhorn
- all four ridges - total of 28 times
Monch - North face - SOLO winter climb
Liskamn - North face - 2 winter ascents
Breithorn - North face - 4 different routes (winter)
Piz Badile - North face
Chimborazo - Ecuador - 10 expeditions
Ben Nevis - Scotland - north face - 75 winter routes
Haute Route - skied 4 times
El Capitan & Half Dome - Yosemite - multiple routes
Jungfrau - North ridge - Personal speed record - 3hr. 25min.
Joshua Tree - 100 pitches in a single day (5 times)
Colorado - all 5 Flatirons
Aiguille Peigne - 60 pitches alpine rock, Chamonix, France
El Dorado Canyon - Colorado - 4 peaks in 1 day, 22 pitches
Aiguille Rouge - Chamonix - over 100+ multipitch routes

1st Ascents:
*N. Breithorn -Direct north face -Alpine, Lead Climber, 1st ascent in winter
-raising $25,000 to help build a hospital in Africa.
*Galactic Hitchhiker - (5.11a) Lead Climber, Big wall rock, Glacier Point, Yosemite
*MIT Route - (5.9) Lead Climber, Multi-pitch rock, Lake Tahoe, Lovers Leap
*Dreamcatcher - (5.10a) Lead Climber, Multi-pitch rock, Lake Tahoe, Lovers Leap
*Storm Chaser - (5.7) Lead Climber, Multi-pitch rock, Chamonix, France
*Commissioned by Swiss Guide, Hermann Perrin in
establishing over 50 new rock & alpine routes in the
Pennine Alps of Zermatt.


“Adventure involves
our whole being:
it draws out all
that is best and
most human in us!”
- W. Bonatti

Rock - Lou



A solid foundation
of skills and safety
is essential
to being
in the mountains.

Alpine Rock - Lou

Alpine Rock - Lou

Rock - Lou's wife, Maggie

Ice - Maggie

Ski - Maggie



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